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Women develop typical complaints while aging

Women, as do men, experience an age-related decline of physical and mental capacity. They observe symptoms such as periodic sweating or hot flushes, depression, insomnia, impaired memory, lack of concentration, nervousness, and bone & joint complaints.

Sensations of sweating occurring suddenly and unexpectedly, especially at night, but also during the day, is the key symptom for women in their menopausal transition, but they seem to be similarly common also in men ( Figure ). It is our hypothesis that episodes of sweating might be an important symptom of changes in the course of aging presumably for females but also for males. However, the number of sweating attacks per week is higher and more severe in women.

The Menopause Rating Scale (MRS) was developed in response to the lack of standardized scales to measure the severity of aging-symptoms and their impact on the health-related Quality of Life (HRQoL) in the 1990s . A scale was intended that can easily be completed by women, not by their physician [ 1 ]. Actually, the first version of the MRS was to be filled out by the treating physician, but this was changed due to methodological considerations and the final scale as self-administrable questionnaire standardized [ 2 ].





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